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This is why so many people have damaged nerves in the penis doing jelqing excercises.Jelqing is a natural process of increasing the length and girth of the male sexual organ (the Penis) for the best performance of your lifetime.

Repeat steps 4 and 5, alternating hands for 100 reps in total.The actual strokes, the speed of the strokes, hand placement and so forth.

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Many jelqing variations are discussed such as the wet and dry jelq.When full erection begins to subside, relax and bring back to full erection again.

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I applied The Penis Master exercise ebook step by step, and in the first 60 days I had already gained 30% in length.

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I recently herd about this technique called Jelqing that i will supposedly gain me an inch of penis size over the course of a year, I want to know the proper way I should be doing this and for how long per day.He goes into detail on not just how many reps to build muscle, but also rep tempo, type of rep, rest periods.

The pain should ease and u can increase reps slowly with time.That is, they are not performing it correctly, even though they may have read exactly how to do it.

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The squeeze will expand the the spongy tissues of the penis and stretch the tunica (the elastic-like casing of the penis).To reach the optimal number of 24, you can add another set of 6.

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Give yourself permission to mess up, keep learning and improving it as.Increase your efficiency and work your heart by doing alternating sets or circuits.

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For the first few weeks, do no more than 150 jelqs per workout.

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Try 5 reps when you first start and then after that gradually add some more.The dry jelqing technique is best for the men that want to increase their penile girth.Power Jelqing is designed to increase the amount of blood that flows and creates.

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Jelqing exercises are safe and natural, get jelqing video instructions at the website above.Actually, in this era there is lots of considerable controversy regarding Jelqing.As for sets, do the amount that allows you to fall into the optimal range.

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Some site states that Jelqing should do around 100 reps, some says 50 reps.The goal of this program is obvious enough: Gain a lot of size, and gain it fast.

I managed to grow my penis 1.2 inches and move from 4 inches to 6.2 inches in length.

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When most people think of Kegel exercises, they usually associate them with women.

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